September Newsletter

Carolina Pearls

"Rock the Summer" Challenge

I am so proud to announce the winners of "Rock the Summer" Challenge!
Level 1= Laura Reynolds, Kelli Stanley, Lauren Whitfield, Rita Straker and Dana Sellers
Level 2= Laura Reynolds, Kelli Stanley, Cindy Epps and Dana Sellers
Level 3= Laura Reynolds and Dana Sellers

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Laura Reynolds

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Kelli Stanley

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Lauren Whitfield

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Rita Straker

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Cindy Epps

Here we go into our busy season!

If you want to make extra money, build a team or promote...this is the season to do it. I hope everyone is challenging themselves to beat their personal best in retail and sponsoring. If you have been doing 3 trunk shows a month...challenge yourself to book 6. Double your efforts and double your income.

Check out the lounge for the "Stack Your Rewards" incentive to earn free product credits for the holiday collection rolling out the first of October. Start using Dottie and increase your sales at trunk shows! Check out the September trunk show tools and use the new Stella boutique as a way to book show.

Let's have a wonderful fall! Share the opportunity, this is the perfect time to join Stella & Dot.

The "Fabulous 21" in Sales!!!!

Here are the stylists that earned their 5% bonus! (Retail at least $2,308)

1. ****Laura Reynolds**** $6,078 Star

2. Dana Sellers $4,165 Star
3. Cindy Epps $2,960 Lead
4. Kelli Stanley $2,310 Senior

Stylists that were qualified and earned their business supply credits (Retail at least $500)

5. Jennifer Holleran $2,030
6. Anne Bennett $1,790
7. Ginger West $1,706
8. Mary Jane Postiglione $1,636 Lead
9. Katie Adams $1,157
10. Kelly Bowers $1,060
11. Sam Suljic $1,025
12. Heather Dilberto $1,021
13. Heather Stepp $946 Senior
14. Carolina Manrique $924
15, Mandy Owens $918
16. Kim Mosley $911 Lead
17. Rita Straker $898
18. Amy Kahn $811
19. Kristan Whitman $638
20. Lauren Whitfield $621
21. Taylor Hoffman $615

Keeping with the theme of Beat your Personal Best!

If you have never retailed $2308 in a month, you should bump up your goal to make the 5% bonus in September. When we did this challenge in May, I had everyone mark their goal at least $2308. Bonnie Wallace reached for the challenge and made her bonus for the first time and she can tell you how good it made her feel.
"Let your dreams, not your worries, be your driver this month."