The land of diversity with great food, weather, and people

Brazil's fine dining

Get ready for the taste you will never forget !!!

Brazil's food is mostly from the fresh produce they produce it is healthy and delicious. But if your feeling a little sweet try Brazil's sweet and delicious fruit drinks.In Brazil the main course is usually eaten at lunchtime so no troubles if you get hungry early.Although Brazil's food is African-influenced and is similar throughout the country.You cant miss Brazil's awesome cuisines.Photo from

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Memories of a lifetime

What can you do there? you may wonder.

You may start by visiting the glorious amazon river or watch a intense game of football (soccer).Brazil's known for it's colorful celebrations.For that is why ecotourism one of the leading reasons many people visit Brazil.It also a land of beauty that is greatly appreciated.So you can't miss this fun and exciting activites.

The languages you the may experience

Language is a key tool of unity in Brazil.

The most dominant language is portuguese it is spoken by 99% of the population,and in the other hand less than 40,000 people speak native languages.The diverse languages are because of the rich history.So you may want to take some classes for speaking the language.

The Relaxing Climate.

The weather is perfect......

The summer of Brazil last from september to february and the winter last from June to september although the climate you will mostly experience is the hot weather . The climate is opposite of North america and Europe because it lies south of the can't miss this relaxing from
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Go back in time!!!

Go back in time and see the olden days .

Brazil's history includes natives and europeans. The first people that were in Brazil were natives from asia who arrived there.But it all began when the portuguese arrived.Portuguese sailor Pedro Alvares cabral discovered Brazil in South america while he tried to voyage to asia but winds got him off course.But wasn't till the 1530's when the portuguese started to settle in Brazil.Be sure to checkout Brazil's rich history.Photo from

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Popular destinations

The many sight you will encounter.

You may start by seeing the the Square of three powers which is a famous square in the

city surrounded by the three government powers in Brazil.Another would be the anticipated 715 foot television tower located there.But nature will never be left behind so try and visit the beautiful and amazing city parks it is perfect for relaxing and the views it will offer.The things you will experience will never be forgotten.Photo from

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