Do you prefer to breath oxygen or waste trees for homework??

Trees provide us with enough. Why demand more??

Trees are the main factor of nature that provides us with oxygen (the air we breath in in case you do not know). Without trees, we wouldn't have the precious, artificial air we currently breath. Though we use the leaves of the trees to make paper, it is still harmful for the environment. Why use paper when we can just use technology like computers, iPads to work? So tell me, would you rather watch the population of trees, home to multiple animals and main source of oxygen we depend on, just drop in a heartbeat? or would you rather support against deforestation and save millions of trees?

How can this impact many lives?

Like I said in the previous post, trees provide us with not only wood to build homes', utensils, paper. They provide us, and animals with life. Without trees, we wouldn't have lives at all. So why use wood when they're are other resources you could use? Cutting down trees isn't doing us any good. Save trees and we could do save many trees and animals lives. So end deforestation right here: