Hagerman High School

The Pirate......April 2020

Senior Scholarship Information and Dates


Alumni................................................ Due April 9

Wetzel (students living in district).....Due April 9

Magic Valley Dairy Days....................Due April 15

**For questions regarding scholarships please contact Dr. Hoffmann via email, ray.hoffmann@hjsd.org **

See the State Board of Education website for additional scholarships and financial aid information http://www.boardofed.idaho.gov/scholarship/scholarship_jump.asp

Find additional scholarship/college planning resources at

Next Steps Idaho at https://nextsteps.idaho.gov

CollegeBoard at https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/

FastWeb at http://www.fastweb.com/

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

This form is required to determine eligibility for all financial aid provided by the federal government. Most states and colleges also require the FAFSA for state and institutional aid. The FAFSA is a valuable tool. Even parents who don't think they will qualify for need-based financial aid should consider completing the form; you may be surprised. The federal government has not established a range of eligible/non-eligible income. Refer to https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/estimate/ for information regarding FAFSA4caster to help get an early start on the financial aid process.


Monday, April 13th, 7pm

150 East Lake Street

Hagerman, ID

Principals Corner

Spring Break just didn't seem like Spring Break this year. There seemed to be too many concerns and focuses that were in place during this very unique time in life. I never thought in this many years of education, and in this many years of my life, I would see a virus take this much control of the world. To top it off, as I am sitting in my house pondering life at this point, the house just seems to start whipping itself as though it is going to fall off the hill......earthquake. That in itself was enough for me to start the process of making a white flag.

At this point in the school year there is obviously a lot of concerns. I think the biggest one I have discussed with the Superintendent and the faculty/staff is the education of our students. I know that this may seem like an early vacation, but we have some real student educational issues that are at our attention here at Hagerman HS. We are concerned about students falling behind because of the new learning curve, we are concerned about students who were already behind before we went online, and we are concerned about parents who are not involved in helping our students at home with educational accountability. I said it before and I will say it again, IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO RAISE A SCHOOL. Due to the COVID-19, this has now forced our hand, with technology use and parent involvement at home.

In order to alleviate some of those concerns lets discuss some of steps that will help our students become successful with online education and help our Seniors be eligible to graduate:

COMMUNICATION. Parents and students should be communicating with their teachers. I had a teacher tell me yesterday how excited they were when students were asking them virtual questions and inquiring about work. The teachers at Hagerman HS want your children to succeed. They need that investment from home to make that successful. Communication can take place via phone, text, email, Zoom, or pretty much any type of technology. INITIATIVE is what makes communication work.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Parents, if you are just asking your children if they have homework and they say "no" and you accept that, they are probably not giving you honest information. With online education as it is, they would have homework based on the situation. Please ask to see their Google Classroom. Ask to see their work that was assigned by their teachers and then ask them if they need some help with that work. Serve as a resource for our students. Phones have a great educational internet resource.....its called Google :).

TECHNOLOGY. We recognize that some students/parents may not have wifi at home. Here are some solutions: (a) Mr. Cottam has extended the range of signal at the high school and has allowed students to use it in the parking lot. Students have the option to drive to the school and stay in cars to work on school assignments. He said it might reach as far as the City Park (b) Jerry, from WHITE CLOUD INTERNET, is allowing free internet to students homes who do not have internet. Please contact him at 208-308-6683 and let him know you are a Hagerman student who needs internet. Thank you Jerry. (c) I was informed that the Hagerman Library might also have a signal that can be reached outside. What is not good use of technology/wifi is our students using the chrome books to play video games all day without completing school work. Please be mindful of this situation as it does exist.

ACADEMICS. Students who are not completing and turning in work put themselves in jeopardy of having to do credit-recover for that class, especially a core class, i.e., math, language arts, science. Seniors still need credit to graduate. If students are neglecting their online studies, have not turned in any assignments, and have not communicated with their teachers, it is more than likely that there will be an academic consequence that will affect their Senior year, or graduation. Please be responsible and do your part. We are still in school, just on a different platform.

PARENTS. We need your help at this crucial education time. I want you all to consider a thought.......if a student falls behind in learning, they fall behind. Please help us keep your students going forward with their online education. I recognize that it is going to be inconvenient at times and it might not be a priority to you at this time, but your investing now means that your child won't suffer later from a poor decision. Our students, your children, are worth it and they need your help. We need your help. We would much rather have your students here at the school, but because of the circumstances we are leaning on you more. We thank those of you who recognize the value of education at this time and are helping out the teachers by helping your children succeed.

I want to take the rest of this message and shout out to all the teachers/staff of Hagerman School District. I had a teacher tell me the other day that this has been more challenging than they imagined. And in fact it has. THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication to the students. I know many of you are spending countless communication hours, copy machine hours, and technology learning hours. THANK YOU for remembering our students and the importance of education.

Please be safe.

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Thank you Mr. Knapp, Kirt Martin, and Cindy Kinder for helping coordinate this event. It was a real success for our first year. We would also like to thank all the judges who took time out of their lives to judge the projects. And thank you parents for coming and supporting this activity. There are so many scholarships and opportunities that can come from events like these. You as parents showing your support helps bring value to the event. Our students recognize that. Thank you.

State Contenders

Jackson Wood............................................Gold

Ellie Whitmarsh...........................................Gold

Ky Kendall/Jr Wood....................................Gold

Linka Fuez/Alyssa Bell...............................Silver

Brooklyn De Vries/Kyla Hulme...................Silver

Kinley Whitmarsh/Ryan Nelson.................Gold

Jaycie Hillstead..........................................Silver

Zariya Richards...........................................Silver

John Kinder/Chance Freeman...................Gold

Saree Hillstead/Danica Knapp...................Gold

Tyler Belknap/Josiah Knapp......................Gold

**Students who received GOLD have the opportunity to compete in Nationals.

COVID-19 Information for Staff and Community

According to the CDC, individuals at high-risk include:

 People aged 65 years and older

 People with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma

 People who have serious heart conditions

 People who are immuno-compromised including cancer treatment

 People of any age with severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] >40) or certain

underlying medical conditions, particularly if not well controlled, such as those

with diabetes, renal failure, or liver disease might also be at risk

 People who are pregnant should be monitored since they are known to be at risk

with severe viral illness

 Many conditions can cause a person to be immuno-compromised, including

cancer treatment, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune deficiencies,

poorly controlled HIV or AIDS, and prolonged use of corticosteroids and other

immune weakening medications


The most commonly known symptoms associated with COVID-19 include:

 fever (83-98 percent)

 cough (76-82 percent),

 shortness of breath/difficulty breathing (11-44 percent).

 Less commonly exhibited symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, and sputum production.

Staff Recommendations:

 Use hand sanitizer upon entering the building

 Staff may enter the building to go to their private classrooms/offices/exchange packets in the vestibules.

 Staff should wear gloves when picking up homework packets and when grading these papers.

Gloves will be available on the front of school office. Supply is limited so please do not take

more than needed for grading purposes.

 Staff may not congregate (must maintain 6 feet distance).

 Staff should not meet with students face-to-face or ask students to return to school for

conferences or projects.

 Staff shall clean work areas daily, remove garbage, and ensure the doors are locked properly.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-


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As of today, ALL Spring Sports have been suspended until April 20th. The IHSAA Board will continue to have meetings and monitor the situation and updates will be given out when they become available.
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Hagerman JH/HS General Information

Due to the nature of the COVID-19, the following activities/events are pending, but HAVE NOT yet been officially cancelled as of April 2, 2020:

  • HS Drama Play
  • JH Drama Play
  • PROM
  • Academic-Awards Banquet
  • Honors Banquet
  • Athletic Banquet
  • Lagoon
  • Graduation
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The State Board of Education met this afternoon and approved the following guidance: COVID-19 SCHOOL OPERATIONS GUIDANCE (Approved 3/23/20). This guidance directed all public school districts and charter schools to implement a soft closure period of their facilities through Monday, April 20, 2020, but to continue essential services.

The board will begin meeting weekly; we will provide you with the dial-in information for these meetings when it is available. Information linked from coronavirus.idaho.gov.


Graduation Requirements

  • The board waived the graduation requirement in IDAPA for the college entrance exam for seniors who would have taken it during the 2020 administration.
    • The board will include in the 2021 rule-making an exemption for juniors in the 2019-2020 school year from the college entrance exam graduation requirement.
  • The board waived the graduation requirement in IDAPA 04, requiring the completion of a senior project for students on track to graduate at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Statewide Assessments

  • The board waived the requirement in IDAPA for the administration of the Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) and alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities, in English Language Arts, Math and Science, in grades 3-8 and high school for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • The board approved the submission of Idaho’s waiver request to the U.S. Department of Education from administering statewide assessments, accountability and school identification requirements and certain reporting requirements detailed in the state’s ESSA plan. The waiver was submitted by my office to the U.S. Department of Education late this afternoon.

Student Transportation

  • The board approved revisions to the Standards for Idaho School Buses and Operations with the addition of the following language:

NATIONAL, STATE, OR LOCAL EMERGENCY PROVISIONS: In the event of declaration of a national, state, or county emergency, mileage related to but not limited to the delivery of food, delivery of instructional materials, and other trips supporting the continuation of educational services are considered reimbursable mileage. Guidance on tracking miles during an emergency declaration will come from the State Department of Education.

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Hagerman School District Hot Lunch Program will be providing Breakfast and Lunch (one pick up) Monday March 30th until school resumes.


We are providing 2 ways to pick up meals
1. Meals will be delivered to in District Bus Stops
Approximately 1 Hour after normal morning pick-up.


2. Curb side pick up at Hagerman Elementary 9am-11am at bus drop off zone.

---Children do not have to live in Hagerman School District to pick up Meals.

---Meals are available to Every Child Ages 1-18.

---Children do not have to be present for parent to pick up meals.

If you need to make special arrangements please contact
LuAnne Coates- luanne.coates@hjsd.org