Estuaries: Croatan Sound

By Sandi Cruz


Croatan Sound is located in Dave County, North Carolina. It separates Roanoke Island and the towns of Wanchese and Manteo from the mainland.

At least five plants and/or animals found in your estuary

The borders of this sound consist of mainly wooded terrain, including towering pines, thickets of woods and forests, and smaller beaches that are bulk headed or just steps away from the woods.

Birds, cormorants, pelicans, ibises, and even egrets and herons are found along the sounds.

At least three rivers, streams, or waterways that feed into your chosen sound

The Roanoke Inlet was originally the deposit locale of 9 rivers that flowed from the Albemarle, but after its closure, the water needed more room to move.

The Croatan Sound grew and grew until it became the behemoth body of water it is today.

The threats to your estuary and/or North Carolina estuaries

Some of North Carolina estuaries threats are excessive nutrients, toxic materials, erosion and sedimentation.

The importance of estuaries

Estuaries play an important role in our environment. They provide goods and services that are economically and ecologically indispensable. Estuaries also help to maintain healthy ocean environments. Estuaries provide critical habitat for species that are valued commercially, recreationally, and culturally.