Internet and Social Media Safety


This guide is aimed to make you understand the rights and responsibilities in the digital world as well as make you more aware of the dangers online but also to show you the precautions you could take to avoid being at risk online.

When Is The Right Time To Start Social Networking

It might be tempting to start social networking as there are many websites and mobile apps that enable people to chat, comment, share and game with your friends like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. However, you must be 13 years old and up in order to sign up to any social network because you may put yourself in danger. In addition you must be responsible and mature before signing up.

What You Should Do to Stay Safe On Social Networks

  • Know who your online friends are,
  • Think before you share or post something online and check that it will not offend anyone,
  • Make your account private,
  • Create a strong password with uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and symbols,
  • Limit the information you may share in social media;

What You Should Avoid Doing On Social Networks

  • Don't cause harm or discomfort to other people,
  • Don't give any personal information to strangers,
  • Don't accept stranger's friend requests just to become more popular;

Rights and Responsibilities In The Digital World

Below there is a list of right people are allowed to have in the digital world:

  1. speech,
  2. religion,
  3. peaceful assembly,
  4. protest,
  5. press.
Along with these rights there are also some responsibilities; for example, you have to be aware that there are many people who want to cause harm to you in many ways. If you are careless, and share your personal information to a stranger e.g. your email address or password, the person might use it for many different things such as locate your home. So be responsible and make sure that you are safe online

Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Explained by Jay

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