Industrial Revolution:

The First Cash Register: By: Kayla P 2nd period


The very first Cash Register was invented by a very talented inventor named James Ritty. James Ritty was born October 29, 1836, and passed away in March 1918. This means his invention became possible in the time that Industrial Revolution happened.
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What Happened?

James Ritty had his own business, and he noticed that some of his employees would keep the cash because they had no way of depositing it. In 1878 Ritty was on a ship on his way to Europe, he became intrigued by a mechanism that had counted how many times the propeller went around. Ritty wondered if this could be made into the idea of the cash register.
Antique Cash Register

Why is it Important?

this invention was important because if it were not for Ritty's invention, we would not be able to deposit and give in cash as we know today! Even today....we have what is know as the credit and debit card!