Jazz Dance Pioneer

Bob Fosse

All About Bob Fosse!

Robert Louis Fosse was born in Chicago on June 23, 1927. He was one of the youngest in a family of six and grew up with musically gifted parents. This trait passed on to their kids; whether it was singing or dancing, the Fosse children loved to preform. He signed up for the Navy shortly after finishing high school. But the war ended before he was sent out to fulfill his job. After this, he moved to New York City. There, he worked on making a dance career for himself, and he was successful. He was a choreographer, dancer, actor, director, and more! Fosse was a man of many talents. He had divorced two of his wives and died of a heart attack while married to his third wife, Gwen Verdon. He died on September 23, 1987.

Bob's dance experience

Bob grew up with music in his life. His parents were singers and supported Bob in his dream of pursuing dance. He had preformed ever since he was a little boy. As he grew up, he started dancing professionally at bars, which influenced his dance style very much. Dancing started out as a way for him to improve his health because Bob got very sick before he was six. But his love for dance progressed from their as he started to enjoy it. He started off as just another person in the Broadway chorus. Then, he became the success that he is today. He was a workaholic; he was constantly choreographing dances and preforming.

Some of Bob Fosse's Dances:

All That Jazz de Bob Fosse
Various Clips of Bob Fosse Dancing
Bob Fosse - Rich Man's Frug (Sweet Charity)

Notable Works

He was seen in the musical Kiss Me Kate, but only for a short amount of time because it was a small roll. Fosse choreographed Pajama Game with help with George Abbott, who is the person who helped skyrocket Bob's career. This performance gave Fosse his first Tony Award, out of the nine he received in his lifetime. Damn Yankees was another one of his musicals that was a success. More of his works include Sweet Charity, Cabaret, and Pippin. He was also nominated for four Academy Awards during his lifetime.

Bob Fosse's Importance

Bob Fosse changed the meaning of dance. Fosse had his own style, which has influenced modern dance a lot. Fosse's dances were known for their weird, awkward movements. That's what made them different. Fosse's dancing has influenced celebrity's, even after he died! He even had an impact on Michael Jackson's dance style. Fosse is an inspiration to many, and has changed the face of dance, even today.

An Inspiration

Bob Fosse has inspired me. His dancing was out there and different. Also, jazz would not be what it is today with out him. He has made such an impact on the dancing that I do today, and I am greatly affected by him in a positive way.