I Can Use Direct Object Pronouns

Textbook p. 46-47, p. 70

Learning Goals

  • To demonstrate understanding of what the direct object pronouns are in French
  • To demonstrate understanding of how to use direct object pronouns: why you use them and where you put them in a sentence.



To take the assessment on each skill, complete the point requirement for that skill.

Choose activities that are going to allow you to practice on areas where you need help. Don't just do what is easy for you! Write out activities completely and write down any questions you have.

To use direct object pronouns (5 points)
  • provide evidence of studying the rules on p. 46-47 to learn the direct object pronouns (5 points)
  • Do Activity 7 , p. 47, write out sentences using the appropriate direct object pronouns to avoid repetition and translate (5 points)
Grammar Tutor Direct Object Pronouns - Click Here

Additional practice and explanations

You must demonstrate proficiency

If understanding of at least a level 3 is not demonstrated on an assessment for any concept or skill, then Mrs. Smith may require more tasks to be completed in order to improve understanding and then retest.

Demonstration of learning

Quiz A - Select the correct direct object pronoun to avoid repetition and complete the sentence. (multiple choice)

demonstration of higher learning

Quiz B - Rewrite the sentence or question using a direct object pronoun to avoid repetition. (fill in the blank)
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