The Great Depression& the New Deal


Causes and Effects of the Depression,1929-1933

The stock market was a major way of wealth. It was called a "boom". People were no longer just investing in the market they were playing it. when their stock was at its peak they would sell it for major profits and do it again. Farmers were effected the most.

Hoover’s Policies

Hoover's first decision in office was his worst. Taxis were increased in 1930. Hoover signed programs that assisted indebted farmers and businesses. In 1932 a group of veterans marched to the white house. FDR was elected in 1932.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal

FDR was the only child in a wealthy family. FDR said ¨ I pledge you, I pledge myself; to a new deal for the American people¨. First day in office FDR called congress into a hundred day special session. Other programs of the new deal were the Bank Holiday, repeal of prohibition, and Fireside chats.

The Second New Deal

A new relief program rose. Some of them WPA, RA, and NYA. FDR's belief was that industrial workers and farmers needed more government help. FDR had challengers such as Alf Landon who challenged the democrats. But FDR swamped him.
The New Deal: Crash Course US History #34
The Great Depression - FDR and the New Deal