Pennsylvania Colony

By:Dalton Patterson


How did William Penn find Pennsylvania? You will first learn about the beginning of Pennsylvania. You will also learn about William Penn on how he founded Pennsylvania. And thirdly, you will learn about the economy of Pennsylvania. And now we will be starting on how Pennsylvania began.

The Beginning of Pennsylvania

Have you wondered how Pennsylvania all started? Pennsylvania was originally named Penn's Woods but than translated into Pennsylvania. Quakers were all over the place! especially in Pennsylvania there were quakers from Ireland,Germany or Scotland. William Penn was the man who owned Pennsylvania he founded it by receving a royal charter from king Charles the second to own land. In the charter given to Penn it should be named Pennsylvania, but in 1667 the English took over the Pennsylvania colony. We will now be moving on to the person who founded Pennsylvania!

William Penn

William Penn was a fascinating quaker who founded Pennsylvania. William Penn was born on October 24, 1644. William Penn also got married on March 5, 1696. William Penn was also the son of an Admiral, Sir William Penn. He had three sons named Thomas, Richard, and William Penn Jr. William Penn's jobs were being a journalist, minister, missionary, and a lawyer. That was William Penn, now on to Pennsylvania's colonial economy.

Pennsylvania Economy

How did people make money back then? Most people made money in agriculture. Some milked cows and made money off of it by selling the cow's milk. And some people made money by making bread, maybe farming corn too! They also made money in industrial ways by making metal and steel. And that's how people made money in the olden days.


Now you have a bit more knowlege on the Pennsylvania colony! You took a preview on the beginning of Pennsylvania. And I told you about William Penn's life. I gave you a look-see on the Pennsylvania economy. Those were my five paragraphs about the Pennsylvania colony and bye!


Quaker(s)- A religous group that want religous freedom

Charter- A document issued by a goverment that gives rights to a person or group.

Sylvania- A latin word that means woods


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