jamie-lea shaw


easy to get out of a mess
just report it to CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection its simple and easy and all it takes is to press one button. CEOP helps loads of children around the world.Its not just CEOP that helps you its your friends,teachers,parents,the police and the goverment theres so meany people that can help you.

Know who you are talking to

people may think that they know who they are talking to but you might not,they could be a stranger just because they add you on :facebook,instagram,bbm, don’t mean you know them but if you don’t know them they could be a danger to you.Or just because they say good things about them don’t mean you know them they could say that they are they are the same age as you but they could be 10 times older . I choose this one because its importanat that you know who you are

childline and CEOP

these 2 webistes will both help you just click report abuse or write a letter to childline and they will help there here to help you.