All About Deserts

Desert Ecosystem

Most deserts are in hot climates like the 90s but some can be cold. Deserts have very little rainfall and get about 10 inches of rain each year. Deserts can be very easy to get lost in because of the many sand dunes.

Desert Animals

Kangaroo Rat

A Kangaroo Rat is located in North America, Southwestern, United States and parts of Mexico.A Kangaroo Rat eats seeds, leaves, stems and fruit.It can be as long as 4-16 inches thats about as big as a 3rd graders desk.
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A Meerkat is found in the land of Kalahari. Meerkats eat insects,lizards,small rodents and scorpions. A Meerkats average length is 10-14 inches.
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Sidewinder Rattlesnake

A Sidewinder Rattlesnake is found in Arizona,Nevada,California,northern Mexico and Utah. It eats small rodents and lizards. Its about 30 inches thats about as big as 3 papers.
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Desert Plants

The Jumping Cholla

A Jumping Cholla looks like a fuzzy plant with fuzzy branches.Its completely covered in spines.
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Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree grows in the Joshua Tree National park in California and Joshua Forest.
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Desert Iron Wood

The Desert Iron Wood only grows in the washes and valleys of the Sonoran Desert.
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Interesting Facts

Did you now the deserts are about 8% of the worlds surface? Less than 10 inches of rain go to the deserts each year. People make medicines and oils from desert plants.

Human Inpact

The deserts are getting bigger. Some deserts have expanded as the world gets hotter. Farmers sometimes cut down trees and make wells to find water.