Museum Box

Thinking outside the box with Museum Box

What is Museum Box?

Museum Box provides tools to showcase descriptions of an event, a person, an historical period of time, or anything you can imagine into a virtual box!
For example, if you could put a number of items into a box that described your life, or the lives of your ancestors, what would you include? If you lived during the American Civil War, what items would you include to make a case for or against the war?
Museum Box...
  • provides an unique method for students to create projects
  • It provides a new twist for research papers and thesis papers.
  • It allows students to use a variety of information to complete the project instead of a limited format like traditional papers.
  • It can be utilized as a collaborative assignment.
  • Teachers can create and moderate student accounts.
  • It allows students to share their work globally.
  • Students can incorporate video, audio, text, PowerPoint presentations, and external links within a Museum Box project.
  • Allows for persuasive writing projects and compare/contrast arguments.

Museum Box in the Classroom

  • Students could complete "cubes" for different important people within a time period for History classes.
  • In Language Arts classes, students could complete a Museum Box for the different aspects of a character in a fictional story (strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, etc.).
  • For Art classes, students could complete projects based on art periods, artistic styles, groups of artists, and different elements of art.
  • Students could complete a Museum Box for a Science classification project.
  • In Math classes, students could complete a Museum Box for different geometry aspects (one cube for an oval, one for a triangle, etc.).
  • For literature assignments, students could create a project utilizing video clips, short passages, and other text for different authors.
  • Elementary School students can use this format for a book report or book review, guided by a Teacher Created Rubric
  • Could also house electronic portfolios documenting student work/progress.

For a short tutorial click on the link: or YouTube video: