Third Grade News

Volume 1, Issue 3

A Note from Miss. Thompson

Can you believe we are already half way through October? We are well into the school year so remind your student to keep working hard and to follow the rules!

A Few Reminders

School begins at 7:45am
School ends at 3:30pm
*Students will be marked tardy after 8:05am
*Please be to school on time.
*Please pick up your student on time

Uniforms are to be worn every day.
I understand that uniforms do get dirty, but please make sure your student is wearing their uniform every day. If students are not wearing their uniform a note will be sent home the first time then after than a punishment will happen.

Homework is due on Fridays.
Homework packets are sent home at the beginning of each week and must be returned on Friday. After Friday, the homework will not be accepted. If a student is absent on Friday, they must return their homework on the following Monday.