Richard Suvanarat

Richard Suvanarat is an Experienced Professional

Richard Suvanarat

After completing his Bachelor's degree in New York City, Richard Suvanarat worked as a technologist in many different settings such as academic research, public and private realms. He is currently working in a supervisory capacity as a sleep technologist at both Tripler Army Medical Center and the Niolopua Sleep Wellness Center at Manakai O Malama. His significant experience and accomplishments along with the support of his team has been the driving force behind the success of both clinics. His strong desire to excel and his extensive work experiences has cultivated a technologist who is technically and clinically superlative. He is a natural leader and is an institutional subject matter in sleep technology.

Richard Suvanarat on the Best Way to Manage Government Funds

While working at Tripler Army Medical Center, Richard Suvanarat makes many decisions regarding the utilization of funds provided to the center by the government. This money plays an important part in the long term success and overall reception of the center as a whole. By efficiently budgeting, Richard Suvanarat has been able to make TAMC one of the leading sleep disorder centers in the country.

Decide What is Necessary

It can be tempting to purchase everything that the center wants, as opposed to what it needs. Maybe the employees would really like a new area for taking breaks, or a faster computer to work with. The question, though, comes down to whether it is really necessary for the success of the business. Richard Suvanarat has made sure to spend funds allocated for the sleep lab efficiently to ensure the TAMC sleep center is stocked with relevant technology and the necessary team members to make the biggest impact per dollar. By extrapolating what is the most essential for success, it becomes easy to spend the government funds wisely.

Do Plenty of Research

It is vital that the person in charge of expenditure of government funds to take the time to research everything he or she is thinking of purchasing. For instance, one machine may claim to be the top of the market, but it costs too much. Another version of the machine may be just as well-received and less expensive. Richard Suvanarat believes that by looking into costs, data, and reviews, one can make the best purchase needed for an effective operation and the best investment for the money.

Why you should join sleep associations like Richard Suvanarat

Aside from being a credentialed sleep technologist, Richard Suvanarat is also a member of many associations related to sleep and health. It is partially due to his active role in the sleep community that Richard Suvanarat has seen so much success in his career. When considering a job, Richard Suvanarat says it is best to think about joining associations and boards for education and networking opportunities.

They Provide Useful Connections

One of the most beneficial aspects of joining a group or an association related to a field of work is the invaluable connections that can be made with other professionals. It is through these connections that Richard Suvanarat believes it is possible to gain new knowledge and insights into a career. It is also true that job offers and research opportunities can present themselves through these relationships with other professionals in your field. Richard Suvanarat feels that it is largely due to his time working with various organizations that he has been able to make such a large impact on the sleep medicine community.

They Offer Extra Information and Training

Many of the groups Richard Suvanarat count himself a member of not only hold conferences related to his job as a sleep technologist, but they hold extra training as well. These sessions can provide new insight into recently completed research, introductions to new theories, reinforce current practices and even access to new types of technology. Those who join in on these gatherings, like Richard Suvanarat, tend to leave with a sense of new understanding, a better connection to their job, and the importance of quality care.

By taking the time to join a nationally recognized association, it is possible to make a name for yourself and to significantly enhance your career and life.

Richard Suvanarat on the Importance of Sleep Centers

Upon graduating from college, Richard Suvanarat has spent many years honing his skills as a sleep technologist as well as being an advocate for public outreach and education of the signs, symptoms and consequences of untreated sleep disorders. It is clear that Richard Suvanarat believes in the usefulness of providing exceptional sleep care to those in his community and beyond. The importance of sleep centers, however, is greater than may be understood.

Sleep Centers Provide Essential Health Care

With more sleep centers available around the country, Richard Suvanarat believes that many of the problems plaguing those with consistent trouble sleeping or with other sleep related disorders which most commonly is sleep disorder breathing deserve the best care possible. Sleep centers and sleep technologist provide an irreplaceable service to the communities they are in by assisting people in finding answers to their questions and relief from their disorders.

Sleep Centers Allow for further Research

More sleep centers throughout the country allows for more research on sleep conditions, as well as other disorders, to be conducted. The sleep centers are able to communicate their findings and share data about new studies. Richard Suvanarat has worked consistently at his job as a Sleep Lab Supervisor to offer the highest level of service available and the best patient experience possible which will diminish the need for repeat studies, improve the patient’s quality of life and reduce health care costs overall. With Richard Suvanarat’s background in Information Technology he always assures to have the latest sleep technology available. With more sleep centers cropping up and collaboration between them, thanks to Richard Suvanarat's hard work he has contributed significantly and is a leader in the field of sleep.

Richard Suvanarat decided to become a sleep technologist because he believes in the importance of providing top notch sleep services, collaboration with other sleep centers, academic research and in the importance of helping those struggling with sleep disorders to improve their quality of life.