The Boy Who Saved Baseball by Adam

Do your best and keep trying

Cruz de la Cruz

Cruz came to make their team spirit come back. Cruz is an outstanding, courageous, and brave. I would compare him to my older brother because Cruz and Steven both really like baseball and they are both pretty good at it to.


Tom was a very shy individual he didnt like to talk or be the star, but at the end Tom became braver then he ever was before. He changed in a positive way because he found his voice. Held hands with Maria and went to talk at Docs funreal.


The most exciting part was when Tom hit that huge fly ball and the blazing wind caught it and went flying backwards and everyone went tumbling over each other. Then Tom made the winning hit and Will made the winning run.
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Dante del Gato

Dante was a hero because he is the one who made them practice really hard. He made them get quicker reflexes by making them run down a hill. He made them catch 100 fly balls and grounders. He was a hero to the Dillontown Wildcats. Thats why he should be called a hero.