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Jesse Boyd Elementary School

Welcome 2016

We here at JBE hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday. It was so much fun this last week seeing the halls and classrooms full of our students again. The work they do each day is nothing short of amazing. We thank you for trusting us with your children each day. We are super excited about the great things that will happen at JBE in the next six months. As is the case each year, the new year begins with wondering of snow days and missed school and events. These things happen almost each year and we do our best to communicate with you about rescheduling of things due to weather related cancellations. Our school calendar was created in July and sometimes changes will occur in the calendar for reasons other than weather. We will communicate those things to you via the school's marquee, school wide phone calls, principal pages and emails, and through our facebook and twitter pages. Please ensure that your phone numbers and email addresses are all correct with your child's teacher. However, should you ever have any questions about any events, don't ever hesitate to call the school and we will be glad to answer any questions you have. Our school district has three built in snow days: February 15th, March 11th, and May 31st. The state of SC mandates that we use our built in snow days prior to any snow day forgiveness. Please read a little further down about our inclement weather procedures.

Inclement Weather

As stated above, almost each year we experience weather related school delays or closings. Before the winter holidays, an inclement weather sheet was sent home. This sheet will help us in the event that school closes early due to weather. We know these days can be confusing so we have the following procedures that we hope will help get all of our students home quickly and safely in the event of a school closing.

1. Should school close early after arrival, you will receive a phone call and an email. The information will also be posted on our facebook and twitter feeds as well as the school's website. This information will also be announced on media outlets such as TV and radio.

2. In most cases, we will have lunch for students prior to dismissal.

3. Our teachers use the inclement weather sheet that was filled out in December to ensure your child gets home in the manner you filled out on that sheet.

4. During our dismissal process, students will not be dismissed from the main office.

5. School buses and most day care vans will pick up on early release days and if indicated on your inclement weather sheet, students will be sent home on the bus or day care van.

6. Because teachers are busy getting students feed and packed up, teachers will not be able to check email for any changes to the inclement weather sheet.

School Delays

We sometimes start school late due to cold temperatures or road conditions. Normally these are two hour delays. The 2 hour delay is simply that, we will run everything two hours later (except dismissal time). On a 2 hour delay:

-If the delay is decided upon the night prior, you will receive a phone call and an email as well as postings on facebook, twitter and the school's website.

-If the delay is decided in the early morning hours, please stay tuned to email, facebook, twitter, the school's website, and your local media. We will not do an all call in the early morning prior to 8am.

-Buses will pick up 2 hours later than a normal morning.

-2nd-5th grade car loop will open at 9:15am.

-K-1st grade car loop will open at 9:30am.

-School start time will be 9:50am.

-Should temperatures be below 30, safety patrol students will not need to be on duty.

School Closings

We also may experience school closings due to weather. Whenever possible district officials make the decision to close school the night before the closing. If decisions are made prior to 8:30pm the night before the closing, you will receive a phone call. No phone calls will be made to your home after 8:30pm from JBE. Information will be emailed, posted on our facebook, twitter, and school website. If the decision to close school happens in the morning, the information will be posted on the school's website, facebook and twitter, and you will receive an email. No phone calls will go out prior to 8am. All information on closing will also be on media outlets such as TV and radio.

As always the safety and security of our students, staff, and families is of the highest priority when these decisions are made.

Family Game Night

On January 19th, we will have our annual Family Game Night from 5:30-7pm. This event is a great night to connect with your family and other JBE families. We have many activities planned such as Minute to Win It, Family Feud, How well do you know your child?, PE games, and so much more. We are taking preorders for a pizza supper. Plan on joining us!


For parents of students in grades 3-5, the State Department of Education has now come out with the dates of the spring testing. They are as follows:

SCREADY (for grades 3-5)

Writing: April 26th

Reading: April 27th

Math: April 28th

SCPASS (for grades 4 & 5)

Science: May 11th

Social Studies: May 12th


Our winner of Fall Box Tops/Labels for Ed. Collection is Mrs. Bahnmuller and her kindergarten class! They came in 1st place with a total of 817 pts. They will receive a free recess period - preferably on the playground, treasure box and teacher free time.
Shout outs are also given to....
2nd place - Mrs. Abee and class - 732 pts.
3rd place- Mrs. Davis and class - 495 pts.

These points turn into REAL money for our school and allow YOU STUDENTS to experience fun & creative activities while learning.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work! Please keep collecting Box Tops on many products you purchase. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Upcoming Dates

January 11th: Report Cards go home

January 15th: All Pro Dads 7am (rsvp to

January 18th: No school-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 19th: Family Game Night 5:30-7pm

*We will not have an PTSO meeting on Monday, January 11th or Skate Night on January 14th.