Semana 12, Día 2

U3 L2 ¿Cómo es la casa?

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Ashna for attending Culture Cafe and submitting for extra credit. Way to go!

Avisos: Accessing information after the assignments are closed

After the assignments closed you can still access the course information and presentations. On the course page, scroll past the Unit links and you´ll see a link that says "Instructional Content". You can review and access all material through this link.

Lección: Adjetive agreement...ok, so this confuses those of us who grew up speaking English.

Adjetives don´t change in English. Everyone is "tall", he, she, and they. In Spanish, there are 4 ways to write "tall" (alto) depending on the gender and number of the noun. Here is some help with that.