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Jenn Dyer - Middle School Math Teacher

Mrs. Dyer is a Middle School Math Teacher that has embraced the use of technology in her classroom. In addition to providing direct math instruction, Mrs. Dyer is an adviser for the Math Counts Club and provides training for her colleagues on the use and implementation of Pear Deck.

Stephanie Petro - Elementary Technology Teacher

Mrs. Petro is our Elementary Technology Teacher for grades preK-5. After spending most of her career as an amazing 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Petro chose to take on the challenge of providing all students in our Elementary Building with a high level of digital skills instruction. She focuses on establishing a strong foundation in digital skills, so students and teachers can push the limits of technology use in their classrooms. Her work with coding and Minecraft EDU is separating Peru from the rest of the pack.
Stephanie Petro Spotlight Video
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March's Focus: Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, and Hate Speech

Students take on these tough topics and play the active role of upstander to build positive, supportive online communities and combat online cruelty.

K-12 Family Tips: Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior

Gr. 3-5 Family Activity

Gr. 6-8 Family Activity

Gr. 9-12 Family Activity

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Peru Students Pilot Esports

Dean Delano: MS Art/Technology Teacher

Mike Beshures: MS/HS Technology Teacher

Mr. Delano and Mr. Beshures have worked extremely hard to set up and implement Peru's first Esports Team. Our League of Legends Team consists of Elan Bell, Cameron Bashaw, Eben Donahue, Connor Van Ness, Aaron Dougherty, Quinn Atwood, and Isaac Mitchell. Currently our group is 8-0 and ranked #1 through the PlayVS Platform. If you are interested in learning a little bit about Esports and its benefits, please click here or check out the Peru Tech Bytes Podcast Episode on Esports.