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Thanga Meengal Shooting Spot Galatta

As a child I was never really interested in making your own tamil songs download music. It was then just do not want you to learn the notes. My brothers were very enthusiastic about the music, so I heard a lot of music at an tamil songs download early age. But that was just the hip-hop but all genres. So early I developed a feeling of " what sounds good". When the first CD, and then came, I started my own tamil songs download (Editor's note : " tamil songs download ", says one of the mix CDs, not only for tamil songs download the band ) to compile, I burn and easy to sell in the neighborhood. Finally, there was no Internet back then, and the hip- hop was hard to get. That brought me some fame in my area as "The Boy in the Mucke cool" one.

Some of my friends had a computer at home in MAGIX Music Maker 1.0 is installed and here habitually late in manual labor. I looked just right, but I soon found pleasure in making your own music. We have reduced our movies, music and other pieces tamil songs download of other sources of small samples, stored with the drums and create your own rhythms. But that was never the idea to a big famous. We were just having fun. "

This came through my tamil songs download. I myself have burned CDs and printed all in line. So I was a regular in the copy center, which also happens to Taktloss and Jack Orsen (on Royal Bunker, has worked a popular Berlin record label ) the cover be printed their cartridges. Finally, they came to me and spoke to me in my CDs. I insisted on it. Sometime a few beats from my hand and struck it from I learned about them to know the other well-known rappers like MC Basstard and Prinz Pi. "

First I had to search for new software. The Music Maker was great to start, here are the functions and clearly structured and easy to learn basic operations there. But this time he has mastered introduced in contrast to today and no MIDI functionality sometime is not enough. So I access after a long trying out different programs Logic. If it is logical only for the Mac, I had to return a new search software and found Samplitude. The similar workflow and the good results that convince me today. Also, I now have the opportunity to go directly to the developers and their own suggestions.

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Aanandha Yazhai - Thanga Meengal(2013)