Harmony Middle School

Attendance Update for Parents

How to report your child's Attendance - ParentVUE

This year we will be using ParentVUE as our primary tool for families to communicate student absences, tardies, and early dismissals for our school. You will find the Report Attendance function in both the mobile app and web version for all your LCPS students. Please review this guide for instructions on how to use this tool to report daily or future attendance. Please email your student’s teacher as well, as this function only reports attendance to the front office. Teachers will not see any notes submitted through this process. Additional information on the process, including a short video demonstration, can be found on the ParentVUE Attendance Options page.

ParentVUE Attendance Reporting is the preferred method of reporting absences, tardies, and early dismissals. Through ParentVUE Attendance you can report today’s attendance and future attendance items. You can upload doctor’s notes as well.

If you cannot access ParentVUE for attendance, please report absences via email to Erin.Goodlin@lcps.org or by calling 540-751-2502.

Leave the following information:

Student’s name

Your relationship to the student

Student’s grade

The reason for the absence

Please keep in mind that the deadline for reporting early dismissals is 9:30.

For any requests to update previous days’ attendance, please continue to follow our normal process of emailing the attendance secretary Erin.Goodlin@LCPS.org

Excused Absences

Recognizing that there are legitimate circumstances that prevent students from being in school, the School Board has provided that principals shall excuse students who are absent because of the reasons listed below. Notification and appropriate documentation must be provided by the parent for.

  • personal illness,

  • death in the family,

  • medical or dental appointments,

  • court appearances,

  • and religious holidays.

Principals are also authorized to excuse students who are absent because of illness in the immediate family or emergencies that, in the judgment of the principal, require a student to be absent, or trips that extend or enhance a student’s education, when such trips are approved in advance by the principal. Please communicate with us in advance if your family will be traveling to have us consider approval.


LCPS recognizes that a few families may have unique situations that prohibit a child from daily synchronous attendance. The parents/guardians must report these unique situations to school staff and the parent/guardian may request a Temporary Remote Attendance Exception (TRAE) via LCPS Permission Click. Students will only be granted an exception if approved by the school principal, or designee. Temporary Remote Attendance Exceptions (TRAE) will only be approved for one week and parents/guardians must renew the request weekly using permission click.

Please find more information here. If applicable, apply online using the link on our webpage.

Monday Attendance in September

During the month of September, it is important that Loudoun County Public Schools capture student daily attendance Monday – Friday to provide accurate attendance reports. Monday is an asynchronous day for middle and high school students; therefore, there will be no synchronous learning. In order to be counted present on Mondays, your child must open the permission click link that will be been sent to their LCPS email account and respond to the three reflective questions prior to 1:00 pm. If they do not respond, your child will be counted absent on Monday. If you are also a parent of an elementary age student, attendance will be taken during their synchronous morning meeting. Thank you for helping us to capture your child's attendance on Monday.
For questions or concerns regarding attendance policies, contact Kristen.Hepner@lcps.org .