Cherokee by Donny,Gannon,Dallas

the cherokee are found in the mountain region in NC


The cherokee indians use clay and grass to build there winter houses. the winter houses had no windows.


Cherokee Indians eat deer meat, bear meat, wild greens, buffalo, elk, pumpkin, fish, and mash corn .


Cherokee Indians use silver the most often as clothing. gold is not that popular silver is better than gold. they also use turtle shell as leggings. bear skin is what they use almost every day. they also use dear skin almost every day too. they use eagles heads as hats.


Cherokee Indians made arrow heads out of rocks. Bamboo for shooting enemies. They use bones to make weapons.


Cherokee Indians hunt for food. They hunt with arrow heads to kill there prey,and they used bones also to kill there prey.

medicine man

Medicine men are not like doctors these days cherokee doctors use black berries,black gum bark,humming bird blossom,cat tail.


The Cherokee Indians played stick ball. The ball was made out of rubber and the thing they used to pick up the ball was wood. They also used deer skin for the string for the thing they use to catch the ball.


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