The best of the natural elements


  • Discovered in 1939 by French native Marguerite Perey, but originally predicted by Mendeleev in the 1870's
  • Mendeleev called it Eka-Cesium because its properties were predicted to be close to Cesium's properties
  • Perey discovered it as a decay product of Actinium and named it after her country

Uses and Description

  • There are no current uses for Francium, but it is the most unstable of the first 101 elements
  • Francium can be created by disintegration of Actinium, and by bombarding Thorium with protons

Francium Found Naturally

  • There is no Francium in any humans or animals, but they can be found naturally
  • It is found in Uranium minerals naturally, but there is only about 20-30g of Francium in the Earth's crust

Properties or Information Relating to Properties

  • The density is 2900 kg m-3
  • The boiling point is 598° Celsius, or 1108° Fahrenheit
  • Melting point is around 30° Celsius
  • 87 electrons, 87 protons
  • It is Radioactive
  • Atomic Weight- 223
  • Color and classification- metallic

Other Interesting Facts

  • When Francium forms naturally from Actinium, it has a half-life of 22 minutes
  • Uraninite can contain around one atom of Francium at a time from a steady-state decay chain
  • Francium has never been isolated as the pure element
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