By: J.P. and Michael

The word algebra comes from the title of a Persian mathematician's famous 9th century treatise "Kitab al-Jabr Wa l-Mugabala" which translates roughly as "The Book of Reasoning and Balancing."

Built on the roots of Greek and Hindu systems, the new algebraic order was a unifying system for rational numbers, irrational numbers and geometrical magnitudes.
Muslims greatly advanced the study of mathematics. One of the scholars was the astronomer and mathematician al-khwarismi who worked in the house of wisdom in the 9th sentery
Algebra came from Al-Khwarizmi. Algebra is used to solve problems involving unknown numbers. Al-Khwarizmi's famous book of algebra was translated to English in the 12th century. The translation of another one of his books help popularize Arabic numerals in Europe which is a big help to business and we use them today.