Why You Should Be Fit

The 11 Components Of Fitness

5 Health Related Components of Fitness

  1. Muscular Strength: A muscles ability to work super hard but only doing it for a short period of time; Lifting 200 pounds once
  2. Muscular Endurance: A muscles ability to work at a moderate level for a longer period of time; Lifting 75 pounds 20 times
  3. Cardiovascular Endurance: Your lung's, heart's, blood vessel's, and blood's ability to work hard and together to supply oxygen to the body; Running a marathon
  4. Flexibility: Your body's ability to use your joints fully in a wide range of motion; Doing the splits
  5. Body Composition: The combination of everything in your body including body fat, muscles, bones, and organs; Exercise and eat healthy to keep your body healthy.

6 Skill Related Components Of Fitness

These components of fitness are not needed to be healthy, but they do help you secceed in sports and other physical activities

  1. Agility: Your body's ability to change position quickly while staying upright and in control; Weaving through closely hammered in poles
  2. Balance: Your body's ability to stay upright while standing or moving; Yoga or twister
  3. Power: Your body's ability to combine power and speed while doing an activity; Football or hockey
  4. Speed: Your body's ability to move one or multiple parts of your body fast; Track and field
  5. Coordination: Your body's ability to have multiple parts of your body ( limbs ) working together; Drumming
  6. Reaction Time: Your body's ability to move quickly once a signal to start moving is received; Whack-a-mole
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This is an example of Agility