David Shannon

By: Kennedy Godfrey

Central Idea Statement

In Los Angeles , David Shannon writes and illustrates books he does it because he enjoys writing and illustrating ever since he could hold a pencil.

Summary of David Shannon

David Shannon was born in Washington D.C. He has always loved to draw, ever since he could hold a pencil. He has always drawn he went to college and studied art. Currently David Shannon, lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and dog Fergus. David Shannon still writes children books today.

Books David Shannon has written

Charaters and Writing style


In all of David Shannon's books all of his characters are cartoons. I think this because in No David! the character is a cartoon, and the same for Good Boy Fergus!, and A Bad Case of Stripes. I typed in Google David Shannon books, and all of the books that came up was all cartoons. My final reason is when David Shannon gets interviews and he says he just wants to draw cartoons.

Writing Style-

In most of David Shannon's books have barley any words on each page, he doesn't have one single book that has words covering one whole page completely. My next reason is when I read most of his books I see that there is barley any words. And finally in most of his books it repeats, for incense No David says No David! on each page.


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