Math & Science Happenings

From the Desk of Deb Wheelis

Where in the World will Deb Wheelis be?

November 13th-15th: At BCE all day

November 18th-19th: Committee for Review of Instructional Materials @OD Tompkins HS.

November 20th: At BCE but leaving early to attend the Employee Roundtable @ESC.

November 21st: At BCE all day

November 22nd: Off campus attending an IC Meeting.

November 25th & 26th: I will be out these two days. I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Thanksgiving Holiday!

Model Math Monday!

Thanks to ERICA JOUSAN for donating this Model Math Monday video so we could all see an example of one of the great ways she is using technology in the classroom!

To record you own video put a problem into smart notebook. Next, open the SMART board tools and click on the “SMART Recorder” (it looks like a camcorder). When ready you will click record. Don't forget that you will need a microphone plugged up to your computer (can check out from library). Demonstrate work using the smart board as you talk into the mircrophone. Once you hit the stop button on the recorder, it will prompt you to save the video.

Quick and Easy Report for FASTT Math!

Did you know that the Intervention Grouping Report can be run for FASTT Math as well as for SMI?

For FASTT Math, this report groups students under four FASTT Math Next Generation performance standards. You can use it to target students whose performance indicates that they need additional instruction, practice or support in a particular operation. The students who are grouped in the "Fluent" category are eligible to receive an AR tag for the operation the have achieved fluent mastery in.

You can access this report following the below directions:

Click on the link:

(This link is also located on Katynet under the Teaching and Learning tab named SAM Math)

*Click on the icon with the dog.

*Log in

Username: Your normal username but the letter must be capitalized

Password: 4Math@kisd

*Click on the reports tab at the top of the page

*Choose Intervention Grouping Report from the list of reports under FASTT Math Next Generation (if you don't see that report listed choose "All Reports" from the pull down menu above the listing of reports).

*On the right side of the screen choose the Time Period and Operation you wish to see in the report and then click Run Report in the bottom right hand corner.

Open Number Line for Addition Strategy

Ashley Russell has her student explain the open number line for addition strategy.
Open Number Line for Addition Strategy

Websites for Science & Math

RESCu (Precursor to STEMscopes)

Developed in the Rice University Elementary Model Science Lab and it is a free resource for teachers. The numbers associated with each lesson align with the 2009 TEKS if they say updated, otherwise they are the 1998 TEKS. Great resources for K-2)

dreambox LEARNING

FREE Tools that develop students’ mathematical thinking. These high-quality virtual manipulative tools help teachers create an environment for students to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking.

CSCOPE Science Transition Documents

Thanks go out to JENNIFER RODRIGUEZ for recommending this site. There are some great 5E Lessons just waiting to be discovered here! The 3rd column has instructional ideas for concepts listed in black.