Photo Shop

Alexis Bell

Photo shop is the best way to edit a photo

Photo shop is an easy way to edit pictures or things of all type. Personally I think that Photo shop is easy , reliable and a great way to add diffrent effects to your pictures.Basically you can edit anything with photo shop and there is a variety of effects.

Why I choose this

I choose this topic becaus mainly i like to edit picture usally i use pic monkey it is a very good photo editor but its not the most accurate. I choose photo shop because it gives you more work space saves your work and it dosent require internet and edits my pictures just the way i like.

Some of the ways you can edit your pictures

Guaranteed to be fun and easy

Question ?

Q:How do you upload photos and videos to Photoshop

A:File open choose you picture saved to your desktop or computer and click on edit/image/image size..and then modify it to the size of your choice

Photo Shop

Photoshop is fun fast and easy so if i were you i would choose photoshop for my next photo editor