Arizona FAF$A Challenge

August 2019

New State FAFSA Completion Goal Established

Forty-seven percent of Arizona high school seniors completed a FAFSA this past school year, just 3% shy of the state's 50% goal. In order to continue this momentum of creating a college-going culture, Arizona has established a 52% FAFSA completion goal for this 2019-2020 school year. We encourage all high schools to set a goal for their school of 5% higher than last years ending total. Setting a 52% goal maintains this best practice and will move Arizona closer to its long term goal of 78% by year 2030.

AZ FAF$A Challenge Official Kick-Off

The ACPE is excited to announce that the 2nd year of the Arizona FAF$A Challenge will launch on October 1st! Schools will be receiving information in early September regarding the new website updates, a new FAFSA toolkit and exciting new FAFSA Challenge competitions! These features are set to debut on the website by September 20th.

New FAFSA Challenge Categories and Incentives

To continue promoting friendly competition among AZ high schools we are launching a series of mini- FAFSA challenge competitions that will run throughout the 2019-20 school year! Awards will be presented to schools on a monthly basis for their FAFSA completion efforts! Check out this infographic for more information on our upcoming challenges

Big picture

College Goal FAF$A Events

Currently 73, high schools throughout the state have signed up to host a College Goal FAF$A event on their campuses this school year. If you haven't registered your event with the ACPE, its not too late! The following form can be used to register your event. Once registered, your event will be posted on the volunteer calendar and your school will receive FAFSA materials to help support your event.

The materials include FAFSA flyers for each high school senior to take one home and share with their parents. These flyers are great for promoting the FAFSA and what students/parents need to fill out a FAFSA form. Counselors will also receive FAFSA posters to put up around campus, and write-in the date and time of their FAFSA completion workshop(s). This year's flyers, posters and stickers were designed by Jansen Van Mallari, from Millennium High School. Jansen won the Commission's College Goal FAF$A design contest and will receive $500 to help pay for his college courses. He is currently the president of his high school's DECA chapter and plans to study marketing or management.


Interested in receiving FAFSA Finish Line Data? Click here to access the Data Sharing Agreement and ACPE User Agreement. Once completed and processed, you will have access to see which of your senior students have completed a FAFSA, who was selected for verification, or if a student has an incomplete FAFSA application on file. This is a great tool for high school counselors as well as career and college specialists to utilize in order to assist students and increase your schools' FAFSA completion rates.

*Keep in mind that the FAFSA Finish Line data can be used in calculating your school's CCRI score *

AZ529 Website Updates and Resources

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Arizona Family College Savings (529) Program, the Commission has re-branded its AZ529 website. The new site includes an easy to use college savings calculator for parents (or students) to figure out how much a postsecondary education at a community college or a 4-year public or private university will cost and how much to set aside each month. Also new on the site are a variety of 5 minute financial literacy tutorials to help students and parents learn about everything from financial aid and 529 accounts to auto loans and how to build a budget or an emergency fund. Check it out and let us know what you think!