Transition Meeting Newsletter

From Elementary to Secondary

A Big Welcome

We are pleased to be welcoming Patty into our school this September! Making the transition from Elementary School to High School can be very difficulty for any student. This is why we are here to help! The following newsletter is all the information you, as Patty's parents, will need to know about our upcoming transition meeting.

What is the objective of our meeting?

1. As the future educators of your child we would like the opportunity to get to know your family and Patty. We would also like to give you the opportunity to meet the individuals that will support Patty throughout her time in high school.

2. As a team working together to help Patty be successful in high school we will use this meeting as an opportunity to lay out each of our roles throughout the process as well as the process itself.

3. To discuss the possible needs for other supporters during the transition-planning process

Roles and Responsibilities

What will the process look like?

PHASE ONE: Preparation
  • Decide on a team leader (usually special education teacher or principal)
  • Selecting the team (other than the core team; other members should be involved to ensure that Patty's needs and strengths are being met during the process; this may include other family members, specific teachers or professionals involved in Patty's life)
  • Orienting the team members
  • Resource materials (what is available in and out of the school)
  • Collecting documentation from Patty's elementary school
  • Designing the process (How will Patty's needs be met and what supports will be put in place)

PHASE TWO: Developing the plan

  • Identify Patty's transition goals
  • Identify the steps necessary to achieve these goals
  • Coordinate the transition plan with Patty's IEP
  • Identify timeline and responsibilities
  • The most important aspect is keeping the process and plan simple, goal oriented and complete

PHASE THREE: Documentation and Implementation

  • Must contain the following four components (minimum): goals, actions, responsibilities, timelines
  • The transition plan is part of the IEP and therefore will be filed in Patty's OSR and distributed to both you, as parents, and Patty

What/ Who is available to assist with the transition plan?

  • Educational assistants
  • Guidance teachers
  • Special Education teachers
  • Professionals (psychologists, etc.)
  • Community services and support groups

*The link under References is also another resource you may want to read through*

Preparing for the future

We hope that after this transition meeting both you and your daughter feel more comfortable about the transition into high school. Our team as well as all the other educators in our school are here to work together to make Patty's experience the best it can be. By creating this plan and going through the process it will give Patty a chance to express her strengths and work towards her goals. In the future, we hope this process makes transitioning into other aspects of Patty's life just as successful.