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Unifi Package

UNIFI is constantly working to increase the coverage zone for its fibre coverage area. From the beginning of its launch, UNIFI is available in very specific area in Klang Valley. Area that has Unifi Coverage is Mont Kiara area and specific Kuala Lumpur city.

Now the UNIFI internet has been expanded to most Klang valley area. The coverage area is available now in most of the Kuala Lumpur city area. It is mostly available in high rise buildings. Other Klang Valley area is available in Damansara area, and Petaling Jaya. Some area in Puchong also has the UNIFI internet coverage too.

Besides Klang Valley, Unifi broadband is also readily available in Penang island. Area that has UNIFI internet coverage is Bayan Baru area, Jelutong and Gurney area.

For Johor area, one can get UNIFI internet in rather limited area in Johor Bharu. Same as Malacca, UNIFI internet is only available in the Malacca city area.

The other states that are not mentioned above are currently not under the UNIFI internet coverage. In summary, UNIFI internet is only available in Klang valley, Penang island, Johor Bharu and Malacca city.

To confirm the availability of UNIFI internet coverage, you can check the coverage online in http://www.unifibroadband-tm.com.my