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CSF Applications

The Minarets chapter of the California Scholarship Federation is now accepting applications for the Spring semester!

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New Teacher Feature: Eduardo Rubio

Eduardo Rubio, Minarets’ newest agricultural science teacher, has began his career of teaching here at Minarets. Prior to Rubio joining the Minarets staff, he had student taught at Kerman High School and Le Grand High School refining his teaching skills.

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Update on Girls Basketball

While the Minarets student body had time off from school over Christmas break, the girls of the JV and Varsity basketball teams were busy with games and tournaments

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Girls Soccer: Kickin' Back

Over the last three months, the girls soccer team have been trying and fighting their hardest when playing every single one of their games and it really shows when you take a glimpse at their scores from the last few months.

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Growth in Nature, Growth in Mind: The Minarets Natural Resources Competition

The Minarets Natural Resources team has been hard at work learning, studying, and traveling to different schools around the region to compete- but on Dec. 21, 2019, it was their turn to set the challenge.

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Happy Tuesday Tradition: FCA Meetings

Minarets Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), is a Christian club that meets every Tuesday at lunch.

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She Kills Monsters: A Killer Show, Coming Soon

The roller-coaster of emotion, action, and comedy that is the play She Kills Monsters is coming to Minarets this semester as a part of senior Emma Lynch’s Senior Legacy Project.

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Skateboarding Club

Seniors Chris Freeman and Sam Wheeler were scheming one day, figuring out some way to combine their love of skateboarding with their school life.

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Southgate is Right Around the Corner

Its film season at Minarets High School and, as a school known for its filmmaking, tech, and media programs through Slickrock and California media festivals, it's no surprise that the high school has started a film festival of its own.

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Student Life

Australia is Burning

Bush fires have plagued Australia for the past six months, affecting all of the country with 24 people dead nationwide, 500 million animals killed, more than 17.9 million acres burned and more than 2,000 homes damaged or destroyed due to these massive blazes, with the additional threat of persistent heat and drought.

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Join Minarets at China Peak

It's that time of year again: teachers Ryan Hansen and Micheal Vaughan are organizing the annual trip to China Peak. This year, it is scheduled for Feb. 6, 2020 and features some cost-saving deals.

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A Day, a Year, a Lifetime of Community

A Day, a Year, A Lifetime of Community
For four years now, Minarets has held a Community Day to close out the first semester of the year. This year has been no different. In fact, this year, it was bigger and better than ever.

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