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Tips on Ways to Wear An African Necklace and Look Stunning

Have you ever considered upgrading your wardrobe with some pieces of African jewelry? An African necklace can really transform your overall look and bring out the best in your outfit. African jewelry is now readily available in the market and some of the most beautiful pieces you've ever seen are being sold at very affordable prices.

You have no excuse but to start shopping for African themed jewelry and clothing to complement your look. If you are looking for some simple pointers on how to wear African jewelry and look stunning we urge you to read through.

Pairing African jewelry

You need to get a number of necklaces, earrings and even bracelets that have an African theme and can go well together. But the trick in pairing different types of jewelry is ensuring that they do blend together. Deciding what goes with what can be a little bit confusing especially if you've never worn African jewelry before. However, keep your clothes simple and avoid bold colors or patterns if you want to pair up different types of African jewelry pieces.

Look for a single dramatic piece

The principle of less is more is true even when it comes to wearing jewelry. Accessorizing with African jewelry can look amazing especially if you don't overdo it. When pairing up different pieces don't make the mistake of using more than one dramatic piece. If you have a necklace with a huge pendant then do away with the heavy earrings. You want to draw attention to the necklace and having some other accessories will spoil the look.

Choose the right outfit

It is important to pair your African jewelry with the right clothes. The patterns, colors and material of your outfit will determine what kind of jewelry looks best on you. You might want to try out Ankara or any other African inspired prints because they blend well with African clothes. Denims can also look great with African jewelry if coupled with a nice shirt.

Choosing the right necklace for your neckline

The neckline is particularly important when choosing the necklace you want to wear. A necklace that goes high above the collarbone, commonly known as the choker will look good on a dress that has a round or scoop neckline. A bold African choker made of beads will also look amazing on a collared shirt. You can just tuck it beneath the collar for a slight twist. Consider also the length of your African necklace. A longer necklace can give the illusion of a longer sleeker neck.

Consider the shape of your face

The necklace you choose should match the shape of your face as well. For instance, if you have a round face, a long necklace would look really great on you by create the illusion of a much slimmer face. A choker looks great on people who have square or heart-shaped faces. Avoid wearing clothes like turtlenecks if you have a round shape because it tends to exaggerate on the roundness. When you choose the length of the necklace, consider your overall body shape as well.

Show off your personal style

While there are many things to consider when choosing which type of jewelry to wear, you really need to focus on what best describes your personal style. Forget about the trends and all the rules of choosing pieces that go well with your face or body type. If you see a beautiful necklace made using ostrich leather and you end up liking it, go ahead and make that purchase. Don't be afraid to try out something new.