The Japan House Hibachi

come in and explore what food is really like!!!

Food is real in here. When you made the right desicion to come in our resteraunt, you might be smarter than Albert Einstein. We have a lot of the best top class foods in americia! Also rated the best hibachi in america! LIVE MURICA!

The Japan House hibachi is a wonderful reasteraunt with exitment in it! When you come in, your gonna say "Wow, this is humongus!" Haha, it is bigger than you think! Plus, we have an underground shark tank! It has dolphins on one side of the resteraunt, and of course sharks on the other side. Also, when you get your table, the cookers cook right in front of you with trillions of options to choose from. Please, come in and explore what food really taste like!!!

come in and explore "The best Hibachi"

Everyone is different, so are we! From tillions to trillionss to trillionsss of options to choose from! Tell us how to custimize your sushi and we will do it for you with our newest flavors such as Bacon, Chocalate, and Vinilla! We have lunch and dinner! Also, we and our delicous foods are rated #1 in the NATION! So if you like, come and explore what real food acually taste like!
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