Aerospace Engineering

by: Kellen O'keefe

Aerospace Engineering

  1. Aerospace Engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace Engineering is divided into two categories aeronautical and astronautical.

  2. The reason for choosing this type of engineering is for my interest in the astronautical side of aerospace engineering.

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Typical day in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers typically work in laboratories which contain updated computers, equipment, and resources. While aerospace engineers do stay in labs a lot they also travel to airfields, maintenance shops, and production facilities to check the work they have done. Aerospace engineering requires you to do advanced problem solving as quick as possible in order to solve the problem as fast as possible.


Median pay (annual): 103,720 USD

Median pay (hourly): 49.87 USD

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Education Requirements

Possess a first university degree in aeronautics, bachelors degree, and have high grades in English, Math, and Science. Companies look for aerospace engineers who possess both an exceptional academic record and an ability to get work done quickly.