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September, 2015

Welcome to the September edition of the Knowledge Management Newsletter

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· Cayman Court makes first ruling on the meaning of "Fair Value" under the statutory merger regime (Mourant I Cayman)

· Amendments to the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008: Changes affecting insolvency practice (Mourant I Guernsey)

· Companies (Jersey) Law 1991: Notes for company administrators (Mourant I Jersey)

· Comparison of voluntary liquidations (Mourant I BVI)

· Comparison of mergers (Mourant I BVI)

· Enforcement of Foreign Judgments - How not to get frozen out (Mourant I BVI)

· Redeemed but unpaid investors to be treated as creditors (Mourant I Cayman)

· Trade Mark Registration in the BVI and the introduction of the Trade Marks Act, 2013 (Careys I BVI)

· Amendments to the Guernsey Companies Law come into effect (Careys I Guernsey)

· Reasons to register a ship in the British Virgin Islands (Careys I BVI)

· Continuing Requirements for BVI Companies (Careys I BVI)

· Continuing Requirements for BVI Partnerships (Careys I BVI)

· Fair Value in Cayman Company Mergers (Ogier I Cayman)

· Amendments to Guernsey's company legislation (Bedell I Guernsey)

· EU tax haven blacklist - just a tabloid headline? (Harneys I Global)

· Cayman Court considers principles to be applied for “fair value” appraisal of merger dissenting shareholders (Conyers I Cayman)

· Cayman Islands Companies Law - imminent changes to the requirements for filing of the Register of Directors and Officers and waiver period (Conyers I Cayman)


· Comparison of Offshore Private Equity Holding Structures (Mourant I BVI)

· Comparison of BVI Funds (Careys I BVI)

· UK Limited Partnerships can be Non-EU AIFS in the Channel Islands (Careys I Jersey/Guernsey)

· Termination of Cayman Vehicles - Act Quickly to Avoid 2016 Annual Fees and Audit Expenses (Ogier I Cayman)

· The Impact of Side Letters on the Constitutional Provisions of Cayman Islands Funds (Harneys I Cayman)

· Outsourcing for Regulated Entities: CIMA Guidance (Conyers I Cayman)

Trusts and Private Client

· Re Rhone Holdings LP – Contractual agreements not to pursue winding up relief remain enforceable despite the Exempted Limited Partnership Law 2014 (Mourant I Cayman)

· Application of the rule in Hastings Bass in Guernsey (Careys I Guernsey)

· BVI Litigation & Insolvency Client Update - September 2015 (Careys I BVI)

· International Wills for Non-Jersey Domiciliaries (Careys I Jersey)

· Wills for Jersey Residents (Careys I Jersey)

· Probate and Estate Administration for Non-Jersey Domiciliaries (Careys I Jersey)

· Keep it Separate, Keep it Safe? (Appleby I Jersey)

· Wealth Planning Goes Back to the Future (Appleby I Jersey)


· Relocating to Jersey as a High-Value Resident (Appleby I Jersey)

General Interest

· Structured Finance: FATCA and the OECD Common Reporting Standard (Maples I Global)



Execution of Documents (3rd Edition)

Tolley's Employment Handbook 2015 (29th Edition)

CC Precedents

A number of Precedents have been added to the Jersey Fiduciary database this month.


Earlier this month, Lisa gave a case study on Pink Link at a KM conference in London. There was a good mixture of KM professionals from London and regional firms in attendance.

We have been undertaking some ad hoc Pink Link refresher courses for various individuals and teams. Please let us know if you think your team could benefit with a refresher and we will put something in the diary for you.

CC Pink Link

Don't forget the CC Pink Link which searches over external resources and CC precedents in one convenient search.


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