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What Is MCA? What is Motor Club of America?

Established in 1926 by William W. Green, Motor Club of America is a premier roadside assistance based auto & discount club with over 13 million members in the U.S. & Canada, specializing in emergency road service & tow benefits, as well as 150k in other driver related benefits. Our members also enjoy over 100k in other benefits, perks and discounts for nondrivers. Motor Club of America is not your average auto club, with benefits ranging from 50% off major surgical and dental procedures, prescription discounts, health benefits, legal benefits to unlimited roadside and tow benefits! We are also the auto club that pays it's members, making entrepreneurs out of hundreds of thousands of our members across North America! MCA has recently implemented a generous direct sales associate referral compensation program, in conjunction with TVC Matrix. Some companies invest millions in commercial advertising, others wisely invest advertising dollars in word of mouth referral advertising from existing members. This new venture, combining the marketing power of TVC and the incomparable benefits of MCA, is taking both the direct sales and auto club industries by storm and we are looking for ambitious individuals to continue expanding the MCA brand across the U.S. and Canada. We offer a variety of memberships, our Total Security Membership gets you started in our referral compensation plan. You pay $39.90 upfront to cover your 1st & last month & $19.95 monthly to maintain your benefits. Based on work ethic and consistency of course, working with MCA can be supplemental income or six figure income. Each person you refer to purchase our Total Security Membership or one of our upgrade packages, TVC will pay you $80-$90 per referral. TVC referral asociates are paid weekly commissions via direct deposit Every Friday, and our valued MCA customers benefits are active immediately! Motor Club of America has no binding contractual agreement, and no cancellation fee!

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