December SVMS PTSA Update

Battle for the Paddle Spirit Wear

We have new Battle for the Paddle spirit wear. Since the basketball game takes place on Friday, January 13th the shirts are themed after them. They also are offering the Eagle/Blue Jay Power shirts as well if you missed out on that design last time. These items are affordably priced and all profits go to the Building Pride Initiative! The due date is December 16th!

Find your link here: Password: 3STHD

Battle for the Paddle-Winter

We have two Battle for the Paddles this winter.

First up is the Battle for the Paddle-Wrestling version. This meet will take place on December 15th and will start at 4:00. We will have a concession stand and some other items for sale as well. We are still looking for volunteers to help us out with the food set up! More details can be found here:

Battle for the Paddle-Basketball will take place January 13th. More details to come as they are organized!

Saying Thanks to Staff

We are super thankful for the staff at SVMS and would like to give them a seasonal 'thanks'. We will be asking families to help us thank them as well by sending a snack in on Wednesday, December 21st for them to enjoy! We have 70 staff to feed so feel free to use this sign up genius to help us celebrate them!

Pick up your Poinsettia!

Poinsettia pick up is Thursday, December 8th and Friday, December 9th.

Pick up will take place from 10:00 on through lunch on Thursday and will be available for Friday as well!

Get your Ice Cream On! Baskin Robbins December 13th

We are having a spirit night at Baskin Robbins on Tuesday, December 13th from 3:00-8:00. A portion of the proceeds from that time frame will come directly back to SVMS to help us pay for field trips and other items for the school. So don't forget to drop by and sample your favorite flavor!

Many Thanks this Holiday season to families, staff, and local businesses!

A huge thanks to the families and staff that have gone above and beyond to support the SVMS PTSA. Currently, we are the only school that still takes their middle school students on field trips and that could NOT happen without the help of you! We are very excited to continue to offer this opportunity and very thankful to your all for your support!

We have many local companies to thank as well. Liberty HyVee, Snowie KC, Mudhole BBQ, Baskin Robbins, Rancho Grande, Spirit Pack, Brandt's and Culver's have all leant their time and many of them a portion of their sales to our school and students. If you are looking for a local place to support this holiday season keep these companies in mind. They have been a big help to SVMS!

SVMS Staff shows their thanks

If you haven't already seen the SVMS staff show their thanks to students you should give this a view. Definitely worth a watch. I love the mannequin challenge at the end and the kids that are giving their thanks as well. Heart hands and Two thumbs up!