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PrestaShop Development vs. Pinnacle Cart Development: What to Choose?

Using an open source platform for shopping cart or ecommerce store development is quite popular nowadays. The reason being, they are not very expensive and are feature-rich, stable and customizable. Not only this, they also meet the specific requirements of businesses and can be customized to give a unique look and feel according to nature of business operations.

PrestaShop and Pinnacle Cart are two major eCommerce platforms, used widely by technology and business fraternities all across the world. They have been around for years and are still very much popular because of constant revisions and upgrades. Both the solutions are powerful and suit any type of business. However, you can’t go with both of them at a time and will have to choose one for your online business. Let us take a look at pros and cons of these platforms. You can then decide accordingly which suits you better.

Pros and Cons of Pinnacle Cart Development

Pros of Pinnacle Cart

· No Limits on No. of Categories and Products

Pinnacle Cart poses no limit on the number of categories and products that are to be uploaded on an eCommerce site. You can upload any number of products with any number of categorization without any difficulty.

· Security Compliance

The biggest benefit of Pinnacle Cart is that it provides complete security compliance keeping all yours and your customers’ details confidential. 2048 bit shared secure certificate (SSL) is provided to the users free of cost those who decide to go with a hosted option.

· Free Mobile and Facebook Versions

Another advantage of this platform is that it provides free Facebook and mobile versions of Pinnacle shop. Mobile QR codes drive additional traffic to your site.

Cons of Pinnacle Cart

· Complicated Development

Pinnacle Cart development may be complicated for beginners who are just launching their online shop. The reason being, its admin panel is slightly tough to work on and manage and a user may require experience to optimally deploy the platform. However, it depends on user-to-user but yes, it makes a difference.

· No In-Built Loyalty System

Pinnacle Cart doesn’t come with any in-built loyalty system. This is a big disadvantage of the platform. But nothing to worry even if the feature is not available by default. It can be built as an extension.

Pros and Cons of PrestaShop Development

Pros of PrestaShop

· Free to Download and Install

Being a free and open source ecommerce platform, one can download and install it absolutely free of cost. Moreover, it has unlimited customization facilities.

· Features and Design

PrestaShop offers a full range of standard in-built features making development and customization extremely easy. The best part is that also offers the facility to run several stores from one admin panel.

· PrestaShop Store Functionality

A range of free and paid add-on module are available to improve PrestaShop store functionality. Plus huge community of developers is there to help you.

Cons of PrestaShop

· One Free Default Template

One of the disadvantages of PrestaShop development is that it has one free default template. However, it can be customized easily but it may not seem enough. It is expected that the PrestaShop will soon come over this limitation as the community of Prestashop developers are working towards finding other options.

· Unstable After Serious Updates

The situation remains slightly unstable after making some serious updates or customizations in PrestaShop but they can be addressed. The issues can be identified and fixed.

Above are the major pros and cons of PrestaShop and Pinnacle Cart. Take a look at them and decide for yourself. If simplicity matters to you, obviously PrestaShop is a better choice.

Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he highlights major pros and cons of Pinnacle Cart development and PrestaShop development.