Coriolis Effect

Kenny Hart & Tony Perry

Definition of Coriolis Effect

The reason why an objert, like a huricane, will spin clockwise or counter clockwise. As a  huricane will have there wind spin clockwise in the north hemispere, and counter clockwise in the southern. Bodys of water can do this also, but stuff in your bathrooms are too small for this to work. Unlike what TV does.

Causes of Coriolis Effect

The earth rotating will cause winds to blow clockwise in the north, and diffent in the south. (counter clockwise for the south)

Effects of Coriolis Effect

The Coriolis Effect makes the wind spin, and so it will make the path of whatever it is, that being a huricane in most cases.i.e. In the U.S. we will get a huricane would go clockwise, and one is japan will go counter clockwise.

Locations where effects of Coriolis Effect are evident

This weather phenomenon effects the world daily. It just doesnt occur in one spot or area it occurs all around the world all the time in many different ways.

How does Coriolis Effect relates to Virginia Beach

Coriolis Effects effects Virginia Beach greatly. The revalence or coriolis Effect to Virginia Beach is severe. It effects the wind direction, the clouds, and it can go as far to say the weather. The coriolis Effects the way tornadoes, typhones, and huricanes strengthen up due to wind change and climate.


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