Struggles In Afghanistan

By Sophie Stutts

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Afghanistan is the forefront of one of the worst violations of human rights in probably the entire world. Due to the war status in and around the surrounding countries, the justice system is weak and compromised.

Violence Against Women

In Afghanistan, it is not uncommon for young girls to be married off to men three times their age. In fact, it's actually common. It's legal in many places and even if it isn't, the girls have no choice in the matter. Most girls try to escape at some point in their lives and then are tracked down and incarcerated for what is considered a "moral crime". More than 700 women and girls are trapped in Afghan jails and prisons for trying to escape the abuse and horror of forced child marriages.


Ba'ad is the process of giving a young girl to a family to settle a debt or as compensation for a wrong-doing continues to this day even though it was banned in 2009 by the Law on Elimination of Violence Against Women

Prison Overcrowding

The case of prison overcrowding is so terrible in Afghanistan due to many people, namely women, being arrested for many things that aren't even crimes. There are more than 19,000 people in Afghan prisons all over, and the conditions are sufferable.
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Drone Attacks in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, there have many drone attacks from the US in attempts to stop the Taliban, but they have been unsuccesful and have actually ended up killing many innocent men, women, and children in their efforts. The Afghani people have no way to get the drone attacks to stop other than protesting, but their voice continues to go unheard and their people continue to die.