The Apple Fingerprint Reader!

Lots of people have phones, like iPhons but a BETTER phone is the... APPLE FINGERPRINT READER!

How it works

How the Fingerprint Reader works is that you do your own fingerprint and from there the phone will know who you are. It can not work on someones elses fingerprint because it wil not know who you are it only works on your own fingerprint. You fingerprint can also approve from iTones, App Store, and the iBook Store, so you don't have to enter your password.

How can't it work with a different fingerprint?

It works with only one fingerprint because if another person terns it on, then it won't work because the phone will not recognize the fingerprint.

Apple Touch ID VS Samsung Finger Scanner

The Apple Touch ID and the Samsung Finger Scanner work differently. The Galaxy s5's Fingerprint Scanner (or the Samsung Finger Scanner) sits within the home button, as on the Apple iPhone 5s. Appl eTouch ID uses a press and hold to unlock the device, the samsung Fingerprint Scanner has to swipe vertically from the home button. The App,e touch ID was made by Apple. Lots of people need to buy an Apple Touch ID, many of thousands of people have these magnifasent Apple Touch ID.
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