Learning in Full Effect!

Updates, News and Fun in Room 208!

Important Upcoming Events!

September 19: Math mid-module makeup test at lunch. (For students absent on Friday)

September 21: MAPS Testing (ELA)

September 20-21: Mrs. Schmitt's out for 7 Habits training. Ms. Cassidy will be subbing.

September 23: Student council election for Room 208.

September 23: P.E. testing with Dr. Borin begins! (Wear tennis shoes & comfy clothes)

September 28: Minimum Day, students dismissed at 12:17pm. No lunch, only recess.

September 30: Math Module 1 Assessment

This Week's Discoveries

It was another wonderful week in Room 208! We worked on our "Synergize" skills with our first science experiment, "Sharpened the Saw" with our MAPS testing, and "Sought first to Understand" during our first day of P.E. with Dr. Borin! Read on for more fun!


This week, we focused on the signpost, 'Aha Moments!' These are moments when a character comes to a realization about themselves or the world around them. We used the text, Crash, and had some amazing discussions about how one realization can change a character and a plot of a story completely.

Next Week:

We will be learning about two more signposts called, 'Memory Moments' and 'Again and Again'. These signposts are when a character has a flashback or revisits an important memory, and when a phrase or event seems to happen multiple times in a text.


The leaders of 208 continued with Writer's Workshop, focusing on creating interesting leads and adding dialogue! I have loved reading their nightly stories as well as their fictional narratives in class! We eve had our first "Author's Chair" experience, where some very "Proactive" students volunteered to share pieces of the writing they are working on!

Next Week:

Students will be working on peer editing rules, and turning in a final (typed) draft of their fictional narrative next Friday!


Our math rotations have continued to be a highlight of the day! This week, we focused on comparing and rounding decimals. The students powered through their MAPS: Math assessment on Tuesday, as well as their first module quiz on Friday! They showed so much grit!

Next week:

We will continue our work with decimals next week, as we learn to add, subtract and multiply them! The lessons we will be covering are 9, 10, 11 and 12. For extra support, please have your child log onto Zearn at home!


This week, we completed our first ever science experiment! Students worked in teams to hypothesize if the mass of a liquid would change when a solid was disintegrated into it! We made sweet tea and proved our hypothesis correct!

Next week:

We will be completing our second science lab, conducting a chemical reaction with vinegar and baking soda!


Rooms 207 and 208 had their first "5th Grade Fit Club" with Dr. Borin! We learned all about the connection between our physical and cognitive strengths, and we begin preliminary physical testing next week!

Next week:

Students will be completing their first physical aptitude test in the auditorium. They will participate in various exercise stations. At the end of the year, we will be able to measure their growth in this field!

Discovery Labs:

Students earned three "3s" in Discovery Labs this week! They were also able to attend their first music class and play on the glockenspiels!

Math Help!

If you would like to help your child with math, please visit the sites below!

Videos: http://www.lpssonline.com/site5523.php

Models: http://greatminds.net/parents