Rise of The Industrial Age

Mackenzie Ann McKay

John D Rockefeller

Who: John Rockefeller A billionaire that became rich from owning an oil company. John soon controlled production, refining , and marketing of oil.

What: Organized the Standard Oil Company. When a high interest for oil came around John controlled all of it, making him rich.

When: John was entered in the fledgling oil business . Making him invest in his first oil company in 1863 , a soon to be billion dollar worth oil company.

Where: In Cleveland Ohio is where John invested in his very first Oil Company. The company he first invested in was the Cleveland Ohio Company in 1863.

Why: With out oil there would be no gasoline, and with out gasoline there would be no cars! So it is a very important thing what John Rockefeller did.

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Henry Bessemer

Who: Henry Bessemer the man made of steel. (Pun intended)

What: Created a way to convert molten iron to steel. This process is called Pneumatic Conversion Process.

When: 1856 is when Bessemer first found the perfect way to make steel. He had tried a lot more ways but all failed except for the Pneumatic Conversion Process.

Where: France is when Bessemer created the Pneumatic Conversion Process. Bessemer traveled a lot more places seeking for the answer but I guess France was his lucky place.

Why: it is very important that Henry created the Pneumatic Conversion Process. With out this process being made there would be bridges and railroads made out of iron in which iron would rust.

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Haymarket Riot

Who: Protesters in Haymarket Square.

What: Protesters protesting turned into a riot when a protester threw a bomb at the squad police.

When: May 4, 1816 is when the Haymarket Riot was.

Where: This happened in Chicago Illinois.

Why: The protesters at the Haymarket Riot were protesting about natural rights.

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Chinese Laborers

Who: The people were Chinese Laborers.

What: Chinese Laborers worked on the railroad.

When: Between 1865-1869 is when this happened.

Where: The Chinese Laborers worked on the railroads in America.

Why: They built these to move place to place by train.

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