President John F. Kennedy Shot

Single Bullet Theory

A Single Bullet Killed JFK and Wounded Governor

We and the Warren Commission believe that president John F. Kennedy and governor John Connally were shot with a single bullet, CE399. This single bullet killed JFK and wounded the governor. Some conspirators think the bullet was "magic" and stopped in mid-air and changed its trajectory. Some people just need to use common sense.

The Single Bullet Theory.

More In Depth

The warren commission uses evidence to prove its point. Bullet CE399 had to have been inside Governor Connally's body on 11/22/63 in order to have landed on the stretcher. A man that looked like Lee Harvey Oswald was seen walking into the TBD. No other gunman was seen in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63. No bullets or fragments were found inside the governor or the president. Based upon the footage in the Zapruder and the bullet wound in the governor's chest, the bullet had to have gone through the president prior to entering Connally. The governor reacted at the same time as the president. Little do most people know, the governor was not sitting in front of the president, and he was turned towards the outside of the car. Use common sense. The bullet couldn't change direction in mid air, nor stop in mid-air. So the bullet went through both the president AND the governor.