The do's and don'ts of Bulimia

by : Justin Gillespie

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The Don'ts

You are a treasure what other people think doesn't matter and you shouldn't care about looking in the mirror every five seconds. Bulimia is honestly just as bad as slowly starving yourself, and not to mention it can cause Cancer! That's right CANCER!!! So are other's opinions really enough for all that.

The Do's

If you want that skinny body still. It may be a bit harder but a good diet and working out a little bit every few days will do wonders. It just takes a little bit more time. So DO eat healthy and DO not "sweat" the small stuff
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You are the best you you can be!

So being skinny isn't healthy?

No being skinny is completely healthy but starving yourself to be skinny isn't. You can just exercise and eat right maybe work with a dietitian to become skinny and healthy but starving yourself is not the answer.