Out of the Frame

The ART of Seeing Life Differently


What if you could access answers instantly?

Change your life, make a choice, and decide with clarity and focus--- what's next. Will you repeat the same old patterns or evolve with quantum accuracy? Which do you want? Creative process can provide exclusive access to your brain's subconscious with precision and ease helping you reach previously inaccessible insight and life-changing solutions. It looks and feels like magic! Nope. It's the art of science. Sometimes... You Need Another Way IN.

Einstein said, "Play is the highest form of research". Whether you're a C-suite executive, entrepreneur or professional in transition--- creativity is a dynamic resource for us to vision and challenge one another to go outside our frame of reference to reveal blindspots and limited thinking, and FREE you so that you can move forward with ease.


Be Curious!

  • use the science of creative process for tapping self-awareness and problem-solving
  • build trust and empathy through creativity and positive psychology
  • learn how the creative process functions behind the scenes of your brain
  • identify limiting beliefs and shift them to empowering habits and language
  • improve deep listening and overall communication skills
  • choose next right steps with focus and clarity
  • engage in self-care and wellbeing
  • be moved and have fun!

Join us for an Exclusive Integrative Coaching Experience with Annelies designed to inspire, inform and revitalize your personal and professional life. In this group workshop/retreat, we'll explore through the mirror of metaphor. The mirror is a large-scale, interactive, 17 canvas painting called Out of the Frame: A Perspective Game.

Out of the Frame: The ART of Seeing Life Differently is an Annelies Exclusive Integrative Creativity Workshop/Retreat designed to add value to your ways of seeing and being which can positively influence your personal and professional life by expanding your awareness and shifting your perspective. This is game changing, next level insight! Join us.


Limited space. Light refreshments included. REGISTER now to join us! Fri Oct 28 7PM.

The ART of Seeing Life Differently: An Integrative Coaching Experience

Friday, Oct. 28th, 7-9pm

Raleigh, NC, USA

Raleigh, NC


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Out of the Frame: A Perspective Game is a unique Integrative Coaching resource designed by Annelies M Gentile, painted LIVE at the International Coaching Federation Conference in 2015. She used only her hands and primary colors, inspired by the environment of the keynote's speech and audience participation. Since creativity is a proven scientific modality to access new ways of seeing, Out of the Frame can help you reveal previously inaccessible insight and life-changing solutions. Discover for yourself!


Limited space. Light refreshments included. REGISTER now to join us! Fri Oct 28 7PM.

Annelies M. Gentile, MA, PCC

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