North vs South

Hannah B

North: Geography

In the north they experienced freezing winters and hot and humid summers. Some states had long growing seasons and rocky coastal areas. Also the north had bays and inlets, ship building, fishing and commerce. In land they had flat plains and rocky soil.

South: Geography

In the south they had wide coastal plains on the southern shore line from Chesapeake bay to the gulf of Mexico. They also had broad flat rivers. Their was swamps and marshes along the coats, witch were good for growing rice and sugar cane.

North: Economy

People switched from hand making things to making them by machine.They then started to use fast moving streams to power a wheel, to create energy. Textile owners used machines to help spin cotton and become an industry.

South: Economy

Plantation owners used slaves to grow cash crops such as, tobacco, rice, sugarcane, and indigo. Also they began to start growing cotton. They used the slaves to help them harvest their crops. Growers who started growing cotton had aa hard time making money

North: Transportatn

In the north they had aver 20,000 miles of railroad linking different parts of the country together, they also used steam engine boats. The state of new York hired workers to build 363 mile cannel. Erie canals were so successful that other states started to build the as well.

South: Transportation

In the south people and goods moved along rivers and bays. Some railroads in the south helped southern farmers ship there goods to the north. River boats travel hundreds of miles down stream to port cities such as savannah, Georgia and Mobile, Alabama. Also cotton was the South's most importiant product that was shipped by water.

North: Society

In most northern states African Americans could not vote or hold office. The northern states had more well known people but not as much wealthy people as the south. They also had many mills and factories along the rivers. Most northern cities also lack sewers and paved roads.

South: Society

In the south more then half the people were slaves. Their also were only a small portion of African Americans that were free, and if they were free they had to pay more on taxes and were not treated fairly. Most plantation owners got wealthy by using slaves to harvest their cash crops.