We Are Coming For You Helios!

Wanted For

*Helium is used for:

  • balloons
  • blimps
  • The Sun
  • compressed air tanks
  • lasers
  • rocket fuel
  • etc.

These are all the things that helium is made of or used for. Helium is very important because if we didn't have helium, we wouldn't have all the things made of helium today.


chemical symbol: "He"

*other names:

  • Helios
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium hands


Color: no particular color or smell

Atomic mass: 4.00

Atomic #: 2

Metal or Non-metal: non-metal (gases are not metals because they are not solids)

Room Temperature Reaction: room temperature doesn't react with helium... just stays the same

Report of first "arrest"

  • Officer Janssen noticed a yellow line in the sun's spectrum while studying the eclipse on August 18, 1868.
  • He camped outside in Guntoor, India to watch and wait for the moon to in front of the sun and notice the solar prominences.
  • During this test, Janssen discovered helium in the a total solar eclipse.

Last Seen

  • Helium was last seen with his noble gas friends in a rocket ship and in a hot air balloon having fun on a Friday night.
  • He was last seen with hydrogen, neon, argon, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.
  • Helium is in the noble gas family/group where the gases are.
  • The noble gases section is on the far upper right section in the periodic table.
  • Helium is found everywhere in the world, everywhere you travel or go there is helium.

Known Associates

*Other elements that form mixtures/compounds with helium:

  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • Neon
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Argon

Helium is a non-reactive element, which means it doesn't react a lot to other elements. Therefore, helium barely reacts with anything.

Warning Label!

Helium can be dangerous only if you use it carefully in a gentle way.

It is called a insert gas because it is less reactive to other elements.

This element, Helium is generally stable.

If you inhale too much Helium, you can suffocate and eventually die!

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